7 Ways Article Marketing Makes Everything Else Easier (Your Real Online Easy Button)

Regular Content Creation – You need content online, I need content online, all God’s children need content online. Content is the heart of the web and always will be. When you get good at creating 400-500 word  articles  on demand, your content creation worries are over. You can create your own prospect and profit pulling content whenever you want or need.

Rapid Online Visibility – Do you want the good news or the bad news first? The bad news? Yeah, I’m like that too.

The bad news is you and I do not have the budgets of Google or Facebook or some major corporation to be found all over the internet. Now before you go hide in the shower with a bottle of wine and start mewing, here’s the good, no, great news: You and I do not have to be found all over the internet to be successful. You and I just want to be found all over our niche.

And when you regularly create and publish your content online, you can easily do it as much as you want.

Social Marketing Content – Unless you have thousands of people pathologically interested in what you had for lunch, you need to publish useful and helpful content on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. So simply take parts of your  article  content and use them as updates, tweets and videos.

Quality Traffic Generation – It takes about three to five minutes to read a 400 – 500 word  article . Therefore, the traffic created from your  articles  has already qualified itself by reading your  article . And each  article  becomes a powerful evergreen traffic agent out there working for you online, never asking for a raise or calling in sick.

Responsive List Building – Just like highly qualified traffic, the prospect who join your list from your  articles  are very highly qualified. They have literally raised their hand and said:

Hey, I like what you have and I want more of it from you!

And then when you take great care of your list community they will take great care of you.

Quick Product Creation – When you create your content you are creating your information products. You can expand  articles  into info products and/or you can compile several  articles  on one topic into info products.

Repurposing Heaven (without the inconvenience of dying) – Your  article  content can be easily repurposed into print, audio and video form, for even more of all the good stuff that comes from  Article  Marketing.