9 Reasons To Be Addicted To Confidence

It has been said time and again that no one in the entire world will ever love you more than you love yourself. These were not the ravings of some self-absorbed lost soul. They were the wise words of someone that realized that in life, the most attractive and intriguing aspect of a person is their self-confidence and degree of self-worth.

Self-confidence is simply put, believing in yourself. Believing that you can do whatever you put your mind to. Believing that you are alive and have existed for a reason. Believing that you deserve to be happy and blessed in life. All these are small rocks of this mountain called self-confidence.

Once someone achieves self-confidence, they feel a rush that can be compared to getting high or intoxicated. Like someone high on drugs, a self-confident person feels that they can do anything. The feeling can be addictive. The good thing about this addiction is that it has no harmful side effects on your body. Below are nine reasons why you should strive to be addicted to confidence.

1. It has actual health benefits

Healthy bodies are what keep us in existence and this is why it lands the number one spot in the list of 9 reasons to be addicted to confidence. Being confident is essentially ridding your body and mind of fear. In so doing, the amounts of adrenaline and other stress hormones in the body are considerably reduced. This helps keep the brain clear and healthy allowing you to work.

2. It helps you socialize and network

Self-confidence allows you to be yourself without any pretense. This is because self-confidence comes with a sense of security that prevents one from feeling the need to be or act like someone they are not. This benefit of being addicted to confidence goes a long way into building and maintaining meaningful social and business relationships.

3. It helps you accomplish your goals

We all have dreams and ambitions that we one day hope to achieve. However, nothing good comes easy. Self-confidence is a useful tool in chasing your dreams. It gives you the courage to actively and bravely face any obstacles. This is because self-confidence is believing in yourself and your abilities. This makes the third out of nine reasons to be addicted to confidence.

4. It allows you to love and appreciate others

Reason number four to be addicted to confidence is to be able to appreciate others. Confidence eliminates insecurities. A person who feels good about themselves is more likely to open up to other people genuinely and appreciate their characters and opinion. Lack of confidence is accompanied by insecurities which when projected onto others clouds a person’s judgment about them.

5. It rubs off on people you interact with

Confidence does not only mimic drugs but also infectious diseases. Being confident and having a feeling of sufficient self-worth is contagious and can rub off on people you come into contact with. The air of freedom and being content is attractive to many and may draw others to also being self-confident. This ripple effect is another one of the nine reasons to become addicted to confidence.

6. It allows you to be useful to the society

A self-confident person is usually more productive in society than one who isn’t. Confidence allows one to work well with others and contribute freely without fear. This is of great value to any social institution from marriage to large organizations.

7. It increases the quality of your work

Another reason to be addicted to confidence is that it is a natural performance enhancer. This applies to both manual and mental activities. A person works better when they believe in themselves with little or no doubts. Confidence also encourages innovation and creative thinking which are all useful during work.

8. It opens you up to new opportunities and possibilities

Being confident pushes one toward being open minded and receptive to new ideas. Therefore, a confident person has more possibilities and opportunities to explore.

9. It makes and keeps you happy

Finally, being addicted to confidence makes one happy. This is because being confident eliminates or at the very least minimizes fear and insecurities leaving one free to be happy and enjoy life.

These 9 reasons to be addicted to confidence are just a few as it is a state with numerous untold advantages. One should however be careful not to overindulge as like any other addiction, too much is dangerous.