Admission Essay


It is my dire need for more knowledge, skills and aspiration that has led me to apply for admission in your university to pursue a course in computer science (Major). Since my elementary years in school, I have always had great desire and hopes of one day joining Ohio State University that is well established, offers quality education in individuals field of study, it is famous for its commitment to excellence and further more it has got good reputation from what it has done in shaping peoples desires and aspirations.  I believe if given a chance, my aspirations and dreams will be realized and this will enable me utilize the learnt skills in computer science as well as using the knowledge to tackle the ever increasing challenges in today’s world that is turning to be computer oriented. Computer skills is a key to personal growth and development in this era and this has been my driving force to re-shape my life as well as attaining and achieving the ultimate goal that has acted as a catalyst in my life for many years. I am computer literate and since I have got great desire in computer studies, I aspire to become one of the most efficient, effective and more knowledgeable person in this field.

I am a product of community that takes social responsibility to one another, believes in instilling good morals to community members as well as having high regards to others which I look forward to utilize so as to collaborate and co-exist harmoniously with other students and administration.

Being aggressive and determined person, I will work hard to attain good grades in computer studies and further to this pursue my career with enthusiasm and diligence in order to uphold the reputation of the university as well as attain relevant computer skills to tackle the ever increasing challenges in the world today.

Being a hard working and a honest person, I will also encourage students to work hard in their academic field and avoid the emerging trend of cheating in exams as well as plagiarism which is becoming an issue of concerns especially by lazy students who are not taking time to read and understand the concepts but rather are copying and pasting other authors content without giving due credit to them. I will also gear most effort to cooperate and abide by all rules and regulations that will be set forth by the institution and be an asset rather than a baggage to the institution and  its occupants at large.

I  am looking forward to be given an opportunity by your institution which I have strong conviction is the best placed  to make my dreams come true as well as providing  an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills which I will use in helping  community at large. Your positive contribution is highly welcomed and looking forward for the opportunity that will change and better my life.

Yours sincerely