Adult Acne and Its Underlying Causes

We always thought than acne and pimples were an adolescent thing. But adult acne affects approximately 20 percent of all adults during their lifespan and can be a harrowing experience for the unlucky ones who have to deal with it. Not only is it disturbing, but adult acne can be a socially damaging stigma which greatly affects one’s confidence and self-esteem.

Acne has always been associated as part of the adolescent phase when hormones rework in our body and produce external and internal changes as we approach adulthood. But for those who continue having it past the adolescent growth spurts, acne can be a troublesome challenge to deal with.

Acne is actually a surface response to the changes that go on inside the body. But most sufferers, until they can seek the advice of a skin professional, tend to resort to off-the-shelf treatments such as cleansers and beauty regimens which can only temporarily respond and work on the external symptoms of acne. Those spots and pustules on the face, neck and back are almost always manifestations of some imbalance that is happening inside the body.

Acne can be caused by several factors such as hormonal imbalance, stress, diet, lifestyle, lack of sleep and rest, or even an underlying disease. I haven’t met anyone who has actually succeeded in treating acne and getting rid of it forever with those skin-based treatments alone.

Acne treatment should be holistic and should be done inside and out. A sufferer’s lifestyle needs to be assessed. Is he getting enough rest and sleep? Are there external factors, such as physical, mental or emotional torments that could trigger a chemical imbalance within the body? Is the patient receiving proper nutrients in his diet? These are but a few points that need to be assessed, dealt with, and treated if necessary. It is important to establish the cause of acne than merely treat the symptoms alone. Otherwise, it will only be a vicious cycle that can be frustrating to any adult acne sufferer.