Advertising Your Freelance Writing Services (2nd of 4 Parts): List Down Your Services

It’s sad, but too few freelance writers actually offer a list of their services. Sure, at first, you may need to try out a few different writing projects before you find out which service(s) you’re good at. But if you’ve been freelance writing for a while, trust me — you, and your prospects, will NEED this list!

Why You Need To List Down Your Services

Suppose you’re a freelance copywriter. When you fill up an online profile, your business card, or a brochure to mail your prospects, you don’t just write “copywriter” and nothing else — think of all the possible business you’ll miss out on!

Instead, list down all the services you offer, and all the services you’d LIKE to offer. If you’ve never tried to write e-books or newsletters, but would like to, put that in your list, too. The more comprehensive your list is, the better — your prospects would like to know everything you offer!

The Advantage Of Having A List At The Ready

The main advantage of having a list of your services is that it helps retain clients. For instance, after you successfully complete a set of opt-in articles for your client, they may then decide they need e-books and newsletters too.

If those services are on your list, chances are they won’t post a new project on an online jobsite — they’ll just award the new project to you!

Remember, as a freelance writer, your aim isn’t to land as many clients as you can — it’s to retain a small number of high-quality clients who keep giving you the kind of writing work you love doing.

And when you have your list of services ready at your first project with a new client, your chances of retaining that client for more projects in the future go up!