Boost Your Esteem to Accomplish Your Desires

“There’s nothing wrong with you.” How’s that for an article opener? In the fundamental scheme of things that statement is as fundamental as it gets. Individuals often spend entire lifetimes navigating a world of experience that is established, promoted and defined by the perception that there is something wrong with who one is. This idea is largely validated – perhaps wholly validated – because you enter into this fallacy of perception from the moment you’re born.

Most people are born into a worldview informed by fear. The first definition under the word fear at the website, is, “a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined;…” take a look at the last seven words of that definition again, “… whether the threat is real or imagined…” A good 80% of the fear that inhabits a normal person is imagined, “What if this (fill in the blank) happens – or doesn’t happen?” Many of our imagined fears do indeed come to pass precisely because we don’t view our mental fears as imaginary. Because we “live” in our head (mind) we find ourselves basing our actions, reactions and non-actions on the drama unfolding in our heads causing our actions to be informed by our fear-thoughts and consequently those very same fear-based actions (or fear-inhibiting actions) become the greatest factor in fulfilling imagined negative thoughts, perceptions and ideas. To be clear, it is not that our fears are based on the likelihood that scenarios will come to pass and therefore this is why we fret; it is because our fear based thoughts impact our actions which increases the likelihood of what we fear coming to pass. In this case, the metaphorical egg did indeed come before the chicken! Essentially, our fears tend to come to pass precisely because the fears themselves determine our actions which results in experiencing the consequences of fear-motivated acts.

For example, you might not follow through on an idea because of the fear that the action won’t matter anyway. That fear – and yes, doubt is a subtle form of fear – causing inaction contributes significantly to the greater encompassing idea that an aim itself is difficult to realize! Do you see the process at work here? The stark truth is that anything fretted over that hasn’t actually happened is indeed taking place in the imagination! Where else is it occurring if it hasn’t transpired? Unfortunately, we entertain such a pathologically endless stream of concerns that there is never opportunity to truly realize that, if a fear has not comes to pass, it is all taking place in the head.

Realizing the subjectivity of the mental world you inhabit enables you to objectively recognize that essentially, there is nothing wrong with you! As you increasingly base your actions only on the thoughts that occur in your imagination that serve your well being rather than on the thoughts that undermine it you will find yourself increasingly enacting actions that move you onward and upward in your ascent of ever expanding good in your life.

Now, here is the genius of this profound little hypothesis being posed to you: Notice in the last paragraph nothing was mentioned about trying to change your thoughts or trying to suppress negative thoughts, but rather the emphasis was on basing your actions on the productive thoughts that happen to occur! The ego would love nothing more than for you to occupy your intentions in the never-ending battle of trying to conquer negative or undermining thoughts. However, to increasingly choose to wholeheartedly act only upon the thoughts occurring that serve your unfoldment evades the whole “positive/negative” thought battle! You are not endeavoring to change thoughts, but rather, you are choosing which thoughts to regard and base actions on! As you alter the ratio of what thoughts you give credence (attention, regard) to, you will start to notice that you are enacting more productive actions which by their very consequences will feed more positive thoughts naturally! You will find that you activate or accelerate a “conspiracy of good” momentum in propelling your life and affairs.

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In the objective world life is an activity of absolute affirmative momentum. The reason things grow out instead of in is because life’s authentic intention is towards bountiful expression and well being. As you become more consciously discerning of which thoughts you will heed of those occurring in your awareness you end the battle of trying to coerce negative thoughts into becoming positive ones and simply give your attention to the affirmative thoughts. If you find that negative thoughts are more the norm or occur with much greater frequency than affirmative thoughts it is only because negative thoughts heretofore have gotten more of your attention; affirmative thoughts are indeed occurring and will increase as you pay more attention to them.

The bottom line is that in choosing to give the affirmative thoughts occurring more credence and attention you are actually aligning yourself with the objective mandate of the Universe itself! This is not about attempting to engage “positive thinking” over negative thinking at all; it is about exercising your dominion and electing to consciously align with the affirmative thoughts that occur in your head – and every human being’s head – to the increasing exclusion of attending to the fear-based (negative) thoughts that occur because of fear-based conditioning. In other words, it’s not negative thinking per se that hinders freedom and access – it’s the energy of regard and attention given to them that empowers those thoughts into experience.

How does the old ‘fighting a cold’ adage go? “Feed a cold. Starve a fever.” Well whether that remedy is valid or not you can indeed use the principle and, “Feed affirmative thoughts with your attention and ‘starve’ negative ones by withdrawing the credence (attention) given to them. You create affirmative momentum in your life through agreeing (aligning) with the affirmative thoughts that occur. Affirmative momentum creates an empowering direction for your life and affairs. Cease fighting (or being in fear of) the negative thoughts and ideas occurring in your head and simply, yet profoundly, metaphorically get behind every affirmative thought that occurs from the vantage point of understanding what you are doing through this engagement – namely, feeding what you want to promote and starving that that you do not want. You don’t need to fight negative thoughts – just render them powerless by withdrawing the attention and regard given to them.

Stand up and be your own salvation. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with you.