Chakra Meditation Can Help You When You Feel Blocked

Chakra meditation is a great way to enhance your spiritual wellness and well being. By doing chakra meditation, you change your energy. When you change your energy, you not only feel better, but it may also help you to move ahead on your path more easily.

That’s why chakra meditation can be great for when you feel blocked in some way. Keeping your energy clean and flowing helps you to connect to a higher level of vibration. Your Self and the Universe (God, Higher Source, etc) communicate more easily because the universe doesn’t have to go through all the energetic muck that’s accumulated in your energy system.

A Quick Overview of Chakras and Chakra Meditation

The word “chakra” is Sanskrit meaning “wheel” or “disk”. They are circular, funnel shaped energy centers that are thought to be located in the etheric energy body, also called the subtle body.

The etheric body is the non-physical body, which is superimposed upon our physical bodies. It is an exact duplicate of our physical body but in a higher energy form. It can be measured as the electromagnetic fields that are within and surround everything.

Chakras transmit energy into the physical body. They also broadcast out into the energy field around us the vibration of our thoughts, emotions, and physical health. If you can see energy psychically, looking at a person’s chakras and aura can give you a peek at what they might be feeling or how well their emotions and physical body are functioning.

I’ve noticed the difference that chakra meditation can make on the energy system in my students. When I teach people to do chakra meditation, there is a tangible difference that I can feel in their energy and sometimes the energy of the room from before and after the chakra meditation. I can psychically see the before and after difference in their chakras.

Chakras are most commonly symbolized as cones of whirling energy or petalled flowers. Chakras have openings in the front of the etheric body as well as the back, except for the crown (pointing up) and root (pointing down) chakras which have one opening.

Chakras Used in Typical Chakra Meditations

There are considered to be seven major chakras aligned along the spine. These are the ones that most chakra meditation mp3s focus on. Here they are:

Root Chakra

The first chakra, the Root Chakra, connects us to the earth, and is about our foundations and family. This is also where we feel safety and security when we feel we are stable and on our feet.

Common name: Root Chakra, Base Chakra Sanskrit name:

Muladhara (meaning Support)

Location: Base of spine, Perineum

The Root chakra is a red cone of energy pointing down toward the earth. In a chakra meditation, the red is visualized as bright and vibrant as possible and reaching down from the perineum between the legs.

Sacral Chakra

The second chakra, the sacral chakra, is associated with the strength of feminine energy (in both males and females), and creativity.

Common name: Sacral Chakra, Splenic Chakra (in some Eastern systems this chakra is located over the spleen)

Sanskrit name: Svadhisthana (meaning sweetness)

Location: Lower abdomen, about two inches below the navel

Your sacral Chakra is orange in colour. There are two cones of energy – one that comes out in the front of the body, and one in the back of the body. In a chakra meditation, you can think of a really ripe orange to help you get the richness of the orange colour to visualize.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The third chakra, the solar plexus chakra, is the willpower center, center of personal power, self-worth, self-esteem. This is the same area where you get that gut intuitive feeling or gut instinct.

Common name: Solar Plexus Chakra

Sanskrit name: Manipura (meaning Lustrous Gem, or Jewel of the Navel)

Location: Solar plexus, upper abdomen, below breastbone, about two inches above the navel

Your solar plexus chakra is a bright yellow. It has two cones of energy, one in the back and one in the front. In a chakra meditation, think of the sun and how bright yellow it is. That’s how brightly you want to visualize your solar plexus chakra.

Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra, the heart chakra, is where we hold love – for others and ourselves. Here we develop compassion and forgiveness. Love connects us to others and the universe.

Common name: Heart Chakra

Sanskrit name: Anahata (meaning Unbeaten or unstuck)

Location: Center of chest

Your heart chakra is emerald green or pink in colour. It has two cones of energy, one in the back and one in the front. In a chakra meditation, either pink or emerald green is fine. Neither is better than the other. It’s what resonates with you.

Throat Chakra

The fifth chakra, the throat chakra, is about self-expression, creativity and communication skills. This chakra is linked to clairaudience or psychic hearing.

Common name: Throat Chakra

Sanskrit name: Visshudha (meaning Purification)

Location: Middle of throat

Your throat chakra is sky blue. It has two cones of energy, one in the back and one in the front. In a chakra meditation, you want to make the blue a rich sky blue or the blue that you see in the Caribbean waters. No baby blues or pastels please.

Third Eye Chakra

Chakra six, the third eye chakra, is our center of inner vision, imagination and intuition. This is where we can access clairvoyance or psychic seeing.

Common name: Third Eye or Brow Chakra

Sanskrit name: Ajna (meaning to Perceive or Command)

Location: Middle of forehead (not middle of eye brows)

Your 3rd eye chakra is indigo in colour. It has two cones of energy, one in the back and one in the front. In a chakra meditation, think of the midnight-blue sky to help you with the colour of indigo.

Crown Chakra

Chakra seven, the crown chakra, connects us to our higher selves, higher consciousness and the divine wisdom of the universe.

Common name: Crown Chakra

Sanskrit name: Sahasrara (meaning Thousand-fold or Thousand-Petalled lotus)

Location: Top of head, slightly forward

Your crown chakra is violet, white, or silver in colour. There is one cone of energy which opens upward.

Why do Chakras become Clogged Up?

You are an energetic being. Your thoughts and emotions are also energy. Chakras become clogged with murky looking, slow, dense energy when we have thoughts and emotions that are full of self-criticism, prolonged anger, prolonged guilt – all the negative types of energies that we generally try to keep ourselves from falling into.

Your physical body can also affect how your chakras are operating. It is commonly believed that your thoughts, emotions and physical health are all interconnected.

I’ve seen people who are sick whose energy system is murky, weak, small, and cloudy. I’ve also seen chakras in varying states of health – from being small and generally bright, to oddly shaped, dull in colour, huge and bright, light and happy feeling, dark and heavy.

These are all reflections of the person’s state of mind, emotions and physical health. Negative emotions, foods that are not healthy, stress, being surrounded by negative people – all these things can start to affect the quality of the vibration of your energy.

These tend to be lower frequency, slower waves of energy that you may absorb or introduce into your energy system. When this happens, it starts to interfere with how your chakras are able to process energy. That’s when chakras get clogged up and may start to become blocked.

How Chakra Meditation Works

Chakra meditation uses the power of your mind and your ability to visualize to change your energy. Your mind can affect energy.

Chakra meditation helps you to keep your mind focused and leads you through each chakra. You are guided to perceive each chakra in the meditation.

Sometimes I have students who have trouble seeing or are still working on opening up their clairvoyance skills. This is okay if you can’t actually see your chakras psychically.

You don’t need to in order to have chakra meditation be effective for you. In these cases, I ask my students to feel, imagine what they think their chakras look like, or just know what that particular chakra is like.

However you perceive is fine. It’s the intention and the focus that are important in clearing your chakras.

The chakra meditation that I offer to people can be done daily or whenever you feel you need to. Once you get into the routine, you don’t even need to use the mp3 any more although some people really like being guided through it.

If you find there is one particular chakra that is harder to visualize or takes longer to clear, it means that there a particular resistance in the energy field. Sometimes it’s a belief about ourselves or the world that we hold to stubbornly. Other times it’s because we habitually neglect our own needs of rest and relaxation.

If you have trouble visualizing the colour, you might want to pick up some bright paint chips, one for each chakra colour and have it with you for the chakra meditation. You can use them as reference as you need to.

There are other techniques that I teach in my classes to clear your chakras and aura. I also teach people to have healthy strong energetic boundaries so they don’t pick up other peoples’ energy as much. However, I do believe that your mind is the most powerful and useful tool you have and that doing chakra meditation is an easy, effective and simple method for keeping your chakras in good working order.

Source by Selina Khan