Creating Your Perfect Article Summary – 7 Tips

What should be in your  article  summary?

It’s otherwise known as an abstract or  article  teaser. The purpose of your  article  summary is to entice a potential reader to read the rest of your  article . It’s a sales pitch for the benefits your  article  delivers and in many cases, it makes the difference as to whether your  article  gets read or bypassed.

Remove your “author/writer” hat and put on your “copywriter” thinking cap:

Here’s what should be in your  article  summary:

  • Should be 2-7 sentences in length
  • Emotional benefits listed that speak directly to your target reader’s interests.
  • Reasons why your target ideal reader should continue reading your  article .
  • Mentions of at least 4-7 keywords relating to your  article  topic using keyword research tools.

Here’s what should not be in your  article  summary:

  • Do not repeat the title of your  article  or your author name in your summary. This is redundant.
  • Leave out the sales pitch for yourself or your business.
  • Leave out your URL and email address.
  • Leave out any blatant self-promotion. You’re here to do blatant  article-promotion , not self- promotion.
  • Never more than 2 paragraphs or 14 sentences.

7 Quick Tips To Help You Write Your Perfect  Article  Summary:

Tip #1) Don’t start it with words like “This  article  contains this or that.” Get right to the point and playfully tease your audience with the benefits that they will get if they take the next step to read the rest of your  article .

Tip #2) If you don’t know what to put in your summary — use the first paragraph of your  article . If you’re a good writer, you already have your first paragraph loaded with hooks to grab the reader’s interests to pull them into the rest of the  article .

Tip #3) Your  article  conclusion paragraph can help provide clues for what should be in your  article  summary. Just don’t give away the farm in the summary.

Tip #4) Your  article  summary is about the WHY, not the HOW. Sell them on why what you’re presenting in the  article  is important to them and that they will learn the “how” if they continue reading.

Tip #5) Keep tips and strategies OUT of your  article  summary. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free. You’re in sales mode, not teach mode.

Tip #6) Use smart keyword density research to ensure your  article  summary hits the key terms and keywords relating to your  article . The worst thing you could do is include an  article  summary that uses 1-3 syllable words that barely mention your topic category. Be lavish with the rich use of buzz words and keywords that are related to your primary  article  topic. One word of caution: Write for the reader and not for the search engines. When you cross that line, you reduce your effectiveness over the long-term.

Tip #7) Originality matters. Your  article  summary should come from your brain. Never copy someone else’s  article  summary or style if it’s unique to them.

Creating Your Perfect  Article  Summary Conclusion:

Be brief and bold in your summary – promising the benefits your reader will get if they read on. This is your chance to pitch why your target reader will benefit personally if they continue reading your  article . Unlike your resource box where you pitch yourself and your business or website address, the  article  summary is your  article’s  only sales pitch. Leverage it well and don’t waste the opportunity by overlooking this important  article  writing & marketing strategy.