Difference Between Ballpoint & Rollerball Pens

Similar shaft reservoir and ball bearing based construction method is used for both ballpoint and roller ball pens. Viscosity of inks used in these two pens significantly differ though. Oil-based inks are used in ballpoint pens whereas for rollerball pens there is a much thinner ink, which is mostly water or gel based. In gel-based ink rollerball pen, there is a highly concentrated pigment due to which it produces an opaque ink. Unlike rollerball pens, some versions of ballpoint pens contain a retractable nib which prevents ink from drying. These pens are available in both refillable and disposable versions.

Benefits of Ballpoint Pens: Marks produced by ballpoint pens quickly gets dry which decreases the risk of bleeding and smudging. Higher viscosity of ink requires the user to put extra force on the ballpoint pen while writing on the paper. This is not something detracting in fact, this characteristic of ball point pens can be useful while writing on carbon copy documents. An additional benefit is with such viscous ink, it is hardly possible to get your pocket stained because the ink is very thick it can’t leak out.

Benefits of Rollerball Pens: These pens on the other hand requires less effort while writing on paper. You don’t need to put downward force and create drawings. This is because, pens contain water-based inks that quickly flows out of the reservoir making the writing experience smooth and fast.

However, water-based inks take a little time to dry on paper due to which there is a greater chance of leakage and smudging when left uncapped. These pens with gel-based inks also share same characteristics as discussed but they come in a wide range of colours.

After understanding the benefits and differences of ballpoint and rollerball pens, we also have some suggestions for you to pick the best available pen for you. Following are the suggestions:

Lamy 2000 – Metal Rollerball Pen: Lamy has always been a timeless classic and it is still considered as a modernized brand for writing instruments.

Faber Castell – Ambition Black Rollerball: It’s a refill pen that has a quick-dry ink. It has a clear cut visual design with expert functionality.

Lamy 2000 – Metal Ballpoint Pen: It has a distinguished design that provides sheer elegance and style.

Faber Castell – Ambition ‘Rhombus’ Ballpoint Pen: It has a twisting cap and it is made from high quality chromed metal.

Source by Hellen Greek