How To Look At Adversity

We should look at the difficult situations we face with the mind-set to ask ‘what can I learn from this?’ Our perception determines ultimately what we’ll get out of life. If we truly want to be above situations, on top of things, we need to see them from an optimistic point of view.

Optimism is seeing the ”greatest good,” it comes from the Latin word ‘optimus’, meaning ”the best.” From which we get the word optimum from. Another look at the word optimism can be said to be the word ‘ops’ meaning ”power, resources,” coming from the word ”richest” or meaning ”the most esteemed.” Why is this significant? Because when we’re in an optimistic state, when we have an optimistic approach to life we are in our richest, most resourceful condition.

That means we’re at our best, we’re fully equipped in life, and have all the tools we need internally, mentally to face and overcome every event. We’re also esteemed- meaning at our peak, our highest productive state, we perform better, think better and feel better. Productivity is a mind-set and the definitions that break down what a mind and life of optimism is all about, reinforce that.

To perform at our very best, we must see the very best in all that we encounter or come across in life. To be optimistic is about a mentality that enforces a positive outlook on life, It’s having a mind-set that always looks for the best.

An Optimistic Lifestyle

1. It means always having the empowering interpretation, meaning, lesson, beneficial perspective of every situation.

2. You will carry a philosophy of life that resists being a victim, but rather sees that there’s always a way to see beyond challenging circumstances.

3. It also means no matter what happens, you’ll have a mind-set that is strong enough to support you and reinforce positive beliefs.

4. Furthermore the situations you encounter will not discourage you, but rather fuel and back-up your beliefs.

5. You’ll be stable and not up one day and down the other.

Often times I like to say that I am a ‘practical optimist.’ And to me this means seeing things how they actually are, acknowledging the facts. But then taking those details and always asking myself the questions that will help me overcome the situation.

What questions can we ask to strengthen our mind-sets in any difficult situation?

1. Ask yourself what advantages or benefits can I get from this situation. How can I use it to help me?

2. What can I learn from this situation to prevent it from happening again or limit the possibilities of it repeating?

3. Who else will I be able to benefit with what I learn?

4. Think about how many other ways you can now apply what you’ve learned to the other areas of your life.

You have the choice; Situations can either work for you or against you, depending on your perspective in life.