Reincarnation Means That Death Is a New Beginning

It’s hard to watch someone die and to reassure them that what they are going through is not the end but a new beginning. This happened recently when my sister was dying of cancer. There was no way that the fear in her eyes could be overcome although she knew of my reincarnation. Relating to her that when my being floated above my body and entered a period of darkness where there was only the Spirit of the Universe brought pleasure and a wonderful feeling that carried forward.

We are spiritual and what carry over are knowledge and an awareness of new life and contact with something we only dream about. That is God! It’s not that of religious teaching but the mighty power of the entire universe, however big that is.

Men have reduced that power to something they can handle and manipulate. Consequently they have created laws and a destiny that are false. There is no heaven or hell and certainly no need to fear dying. There is no judgment waiting to send us to a fiery end and nothing like a paradise in the sky.’

Life happens on earth and birth and death all lead to the same place, a new beginning and a new life. My being floated above my parents as they were married and the date is recorded. My birth happened one month later and that means that embryos are not yet the carriers of a soul. They are tissue until one’s spirit enters.

These are mysterious secrets kept from the world to ensure that God’s people are returned along with everyone who has lived before (Isaiah 26:19).

Source by Norma Holt