Self Confidence – Knowing Your Abilities

When building self confidence, one thing that’s important for you to remember is that what you do is already good enough. This is a pitfall that most don’t realize they’re setting themselves up for. In fact, most people feel as though the proper way to accomplish most tasks is to charge themselves up to do battle with something that they’re ineffective of inefficient at, and then tackle that head on, full steam. This, however, is not the proper way to go about doing things.

While the head on full steam approach is one of my favorites, as I like a lot of energy, at no point do I tell myself that I don’t know how to do something. I never fail to acknowledge when I need to improve when I indeed don’t understand how to do something properly, I simply handle those situations properly as well, taking the time to learn how to do what it is I need to do & then moving forward with my full on head forward attitude.

I want to impart on you the fact that you really do already know how to do just about everything that you’re going to encounter in your day to day. You may not know physics or chemistry, should you have to solve any problems relating to those, but when was the last time you ran into that problem anyway? One thing that I love to help illustrate and bring people’s awareness to the fact that they’re already very well learned in how to act in just about every situation is an idea that was originally introduced as a concept by the Zen Buddhists.

The concept is that of beginner’s mind. Zen Buddhists believed that to clear your mind and approach a situation as that of a beginner with no knowledge was the best way. If you ever try this, really clear your mind and allow yourself to experience things as though they were your first time, you’ll be surprised how you naturally adapt and do what’s necessary to accomplish whatever task is before you. Now you might be thinking “you said that I already know how to do something, but you encourage me to forget how to do it to illustrate your point?!?”, and you’re right, it doesn’t show you how you already know how to do things on a day to day basis (though you could argue that you really do because your natural reactions have been tempered by what you’ve learned throughout life), but rather that you are capable. If you’re approaching a situation with no preconceived notions and no plan of action & can be successful and accomplish your goals, what do you think you could do if you just believed in yourself and your ability to accomplish things?

I also like this little exercise because it gets us in the habit of clearing our minds. This is a great way for us to learn to deal with those voices in our heads that are telling us we can’t accomplish something. When you run into those little demons, let them go & clear your thoughts. Don’t think that you can do it, just don’t think about it & move forward, full of energy and enthusiasm. Even though we have many barriers to overcome, most placed there by ourselves, our goals can all be accomplished & we can all live happy & successful lives.