Teenagers of the 21st Century

We can say that the fundamental want of an ordinary teenager is freedom. The teenage years is the transition from being a caged bird to an eagle soaring high above the clouds. That transition would probably be the most painful but at the same time, exciting and fruitful. There will be instances when the hormones will just kick in and you will be juggling your mood. Sometimes, you will be very jubilant and at other times, you will be melancholic and poignant. So it is a very bumpy ride. Mix in the peer pressure and the other temptations like drugs, this stage will definitely make you or break you.

1.) Independence. The one thing that every teenager desires to have, early on in their lives, when puberty starts to change you in all aspects of life from the physical to the spiritual. This is the time when we teenagers would like to go out of our comfort zone and hang out with our friends. Some parents try to withhold this right and some give too much which both have grave consequences. Independence must be given bit by bit, in moderation.

2.) Choice. This is somewhat an extension of independence. We teenagers need to have a choice. We do not want our parents to make our choices for us. Although, we respect their thoughts and opinions, we still have the right to make our own choices. Some people say that we should learn from their mistakes but that is beyond our capacity to. We learn from our own mistakes, from our own experiences. And as I said, we honor their advice and concern. But by the end of the day, we have free will, and we will use it as much as we want to.

3.) Communication. Most of the time, parents argue with their children because of a slight miscommunication. For teenagers who are not very open to express themselves to their parents, it will be harder to understand the way they feel. Although it is difficult, it is not impossible to get them to talk to you. For those who are fine with talking, the problem usually is, what we say are not exactly what we mean. So, simply talking will not give you any significant information. Parents must try to go deeper into the emotional and psychological levels. Eye contact and bodily movements should be assessed.

4.) Stress. Not even the most diligent of teenagers can handle all the stress of teenage life. School and friends give us a whole lot of problems already. So, if the family also has problems, how can they help us with ours? The family should live harmoniously and should create a positive environment for teenagers. Both parents must try very hard to get through their teens and to help with their stress. Relieve the tension by doing recreational activities. Let us go out and discover what we are interested in and support us.

5.) Character and Personality. Parents must always be smarter than their children. And they must know their children from the inside-out. How can you relate with your teenagers if you do not know their individual personalities, characteristics, traits, mannerisms, habits. You must know all aspects of their life. They are your children, you should know it. This can really help to develop a stronger bond among the family.

6.) T-R-L. Trust. Respect. Love. The basic foundation of a relationship is trust. As much as we trust you, you should trust us. If you have taught us well, then you have no need to worry. Respect is developed by establishing your authority without breaking the trust. You should be firm but not harsh. You should be assertive when implementing rules but you should not have an iron hand. Know your own rules, and know when to reinforce and when to punish. Love usually is innate to human beings so no problem there. However, there might be issues when it comes to love. And you know what I mean.

These are just some of the things that people need to know about teenagers these days. Properly psychology and discipline can actually be of great assistance to many parents. And factors like technology are very complicated, you need to learn it, you need to be smarter than your children. Well, of course, this is from the perspective of a teenager. I do not know what system you apply but generally, these are the basics.