Tips For Effective Kissing

Most people will prefer to think highly of their ‘kissing credentials’. However, kissing prowess has to be witnessed and experienced by at least another party.

All want to score high marks in this front. Kissing is important to lovers as it is the vehicle to affection, romance, passion and love. The basics of an excellent kiss are highlighted here; getting a few tips will only improve your game.

A kiss is basic physical expression of affection between a man and a women (or lovers) who love or like each other. For this reason, a good impression must be established and maintained by players and this is how to;

• Check the mood. This is what all men planning an effective kiss must do. Women will respond only if the mood is right. Therefore, make sure that she will respond mutually without any force being exerted. Mood can be changed almost instantly with the right words and silent language.

• Don’t be in a hurry. Hurry is common-place with men and women will not respond as hoped when things are abrupt or too quick. Despite male masculinity and vigour; kissing must not be rushed if it is to be effective. Maintaining softness is a key.

• Tongues, tongues! It is until the man establishes contact with the female tongue that a meaningful kiss will take place. French kissing has continued to inspire many as a definite tongue connection is established; keeping all other factors in check.

• It is a two-way-street. The woman must then bring in their game if the man initiated the game. It is never an effective kiss if only one player is participating. The other party must show tangible cooperation and must be given a chance to do so.

• Breathe factor. It really does not matter whether people have an award- winning ability when it comes to kissing if they have foul breath. Nice flavoured mouthwash and gum should be carried by those who plan to participate in kissing episodes.

• Hands. Those who are green will feel intimidated at first when it comes to anchoring the hands during a kiss. Put them around her waist or back and this will ease the situation and enhance comfort.

• Practice will make perfect. Most people will fail miserably when green in this matter. However, it is through practice that people can mature in this sense and learn how to master the basics of effective kissing.