Understanding Courier Insurance Cover

If you operate a courier business or you will be transporting your valuables using the service you should get a courier  insurance  cover.

Types of courier  insurance  covers

There are many types of this cover you can go for. The most common being:

Vehicle  insurance : This policy is designed for the company operating the courier service. When getting the cover ensure that it has all the necessary features including: variable excess, legal costs, and glass cover. When getting the cover be cautious of the hidden extras that are common with  insurance  companies. Before you make a commitment carefully read through the given copy and ensure that there are no details that you don’t understand.

You should note that it’s common for this cover to have restrictions. For example, it’s common for the  insurance  providers to place restrictions on the areas you can operate with your courier van and the types of products you can transport. It’s also common for the companies to avoid giving the cover if younger people are operating the business. In most cases, this cover is given to drivers over the age of 25.

Goods in transit cover: From its name, this is a cover that is designed for third parties. This policy will cover any loss or damage to any goods in your vehicle. The unique feature of the cover is the exclusions. For example, some  insurance  providers won’t cover livestock, human remains, and hazardous materials. It’s also common for companies to refuse to insure theft-attractive goods such as iPads, computers, and other electronic products.

If you are operating a courier service it’s almost impossible to turn away a customer. When you come across a customer interested in transporting products that are out of the cover, you should ask him/her to get a cover for the products. You can also contact the  insurance  company and enquire whether you can be given an extra cover.

Public liability cover: This one will cover you in the event you cause injury or damage to another person’s property. The cover will also protect you in the event the products you are transporting fall out of the courier vehicle or someone is injured during the transportation.

Light hauler cover: If you have only a few pre-arranged deliveries in a day you should get this cover that. The attractive thing about the policy is that it’s cheap thus saves you a lot of money that you would have spent getting an all-year cover.

Tips on how to have a great experience with your  insurance  cover

To have a great experience with your  insurance  cover you should get it from a reputable company. The company you buy the cover from should be easy to reach to. This is to make it easy for you to make your claim in the event of an accident. As mentioned above, it’s common for companies to hide extras in their documents. To avoid surprises in future always take your time to read the entire policy copy handed to you.