Why Article Generated Traffic Is More Likely to Spend Money

The reasons why article generated traffic are valuable and why customers are more likely to spend money with you are simple and straight forward – Articles! On the average, article-generated subscribers will spend well over $2 per month; conversely, subscribers from other sources will spend in the neighborhood of 50 cent or less. Here are the reasons why I believe that article-generated traffic spends more money:

  • You are dealing with a focused, targeted audience, these are visitors to your website who are deliberately seeking information on the topic you have written about, read your article, and feel they receive value or certainly will receive value in the future from your writings, and chooses to click-through to a link that you provide. This is truly a captive audience and that’s exactly what you want.
  • Statistics have shown that unlike people who might often click an advertising link or pay-per-click link, these people are clicking because they are truly looking for something specific that will either provide a solution or answer a question. People who subscribe to your lists via articles you have written are about 10 times more likely to buy from you than people who join your list from a PPC link. To further prove this process works. Start your own calculation and you will see first-hand just how effective article writing is in gaining new customers of like interest.
  • Another reason why articles are so effective can be attributed to the fact that if the person reading the article does not like what you have to say or does not feel what you have provided is what they were really looking for, they can merely click out of the article without going any further. After all, these are people who are looking for specific information.
  • If by chance you have written a number of articles on the same or similar subject, they might very well click on your link just to read other articles that might be more to their liking. The more you write about one topic, the more knowledge you gain about the subject, resulting in better quality articles with more substantive information for your reading audience. The end results, the more apt they are to buy what you have to offer.
  • You can view article writing as a screening process, that weeds-out those who are just curiosity seekers and focus in readers who are going to take what you have written and apply it to their lives, business or whatever.
  • Lastly, I believe there is a psychological connection that occurs when someone reads the article and clicks through to your web site. The premise is that your article serves as an instant rapport creator, so that when the visitor clicks into your site, they already feel as though they can trust you. Once you have gained the trust of a reader, and they feel they can believe and take what you write to heart, you have gained an instant fan, one who will seek out your articles, and spend money on the product you offer because they know you provide value.

The certain advantage to gaining the readers trust is that you can begin to sell to them even faster through your email campaign, because you are already working with some level of trust; you are building on it, not creating it.

To your article writing success

Source by Gee Gee Gladden